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Short Men Less Likely to Marry, Have Kids

What’s behind the phenomenon — whether women prefer taller men or those men are simply more outgoing — is up for debate. But the numbers clearly stack up against shorter guys.
    Polish and British scientists studied the medical records of about 3,200 Polish men ages 25 to 60 and found that childless men were on average 1.2 inches shorter than men who had at least one child.
    Bachelors were about an inch shorter on average than married men. That was true even after researchers took into account the fact that men’s heights increased in recent decades because of better nutrition and health care.

20- to 50-Year-Olds
The records, which were collected in Wroclaw, Poland, from 1983 to 1989, showed that tall men in their 20s, 30s and 40s all had more children than their shorter peers.
    Height didn’t seem to matter for men in their 50s. Robin I.M. Dunbar of the University of Liverpool said that is because those men came of age after World War II — a catastrophe that claimed the lives of many Polish men and reduced women’s mating options.
    However, Dunbar said the numbers clearly show that women favor taller men — something that other research suggests is true across all cultures.
    “Basically, height is a proxy for other variables that women find desirable — men who can protect them, provide them with resources, have good social status and aren’t easily dominated by other men,” said Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology and the study’s co-author.
    The findings were published in Thursday’s issue of the journal Nature.

Abnormal Sizes Scrapped
Out of the military service records of 4,400 men, the researchers excluded men who were abnormally short or tall. The average height of the 3,200 men whose records were part of their final sample was 5-foot-6.
    The researchers meant to study men whose height and reproductive success were not so gargantuan, or so small, as to have skewed their results. Their methodology would have excluded someone like Wilt Chamberlain, the 7-foot-1 basketball star who bragged of sleeping with 20,000 women.
    While other studies have shown that taller-than-average men have higher incomes and social status than shorter men, this study is the first to demonstrate a direct link between height and reproductive success, said David Buss, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Evolutionary Trait
Buss, who has written two books on human mating habits, said the female preference for taller males harkens back to the earliest stages of human evolution. That was a time when prehistoric women chose mates who could offer them the best protection and provide for their needs.
    “This study shows that even in modern times the kind of selection we might think of as prehistoric continues to operate,” he said.
    Dunbar said he undertook the research after noticing that in personal ads men advertised their height only if they were tall or taller than average.
    “You didn’t see any advertisements saying, ‘I’m 5-foot-3, give me a call,”‘ he said

It is not surprising that taller men are preferred more often than shorter men. While the medium height for men in the United States is 5' 8½", the most preferred height for a man is 6' 0". This is true for almost any combination of woman's attributes. We did find some interesting differentiation. For a short man (5' 4" and shorter) living in the United States, the best states to live in are Idaho, Maine, Vermont, and Wyoming. A short man has a greater chance of being included in a woman's preferences. This is probably because these states have relatively low populations. Women have fewer choices and so are more likely to compromise and include a shorter man in their preferences. In contrast, California, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Nevada and Arizona are the worst states for a short man. In these states, women's expectations are highest, again probably because the states are so populous and there are many choices.

There is significantly less data available for other countries than for the United States: only 9,701 vs. 177,427. The reader should understand that statistical errors are more likely to appear for other countries because less data is available. However, we can still determine that country is a significant determiner of preferences. In general, a small man is twice as likely to be preferred by a women outside the United States as within. There are two possibilities. First, people in the Unites States are more superficial than in other countries. Second, women in the United States are taller and so prefer taller men. The table below shows in rank order, from worst to best, how well a man 5' 4' tall would fare in each country. Only countries with 50 or more records are listed. The third column shows the mean height of women in that country. Except for the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, there does not appear to be a significant correlation between women's height in a country and their preference for a tall man.

Country 5' 4" man % in
Median Woman's
Caribbean 8% 65
United States 11% 65
Hong Kong 13% 63
Canada 13% 65
England 14% 65
Japan 15% 64
Germany 17% 66
Brazil 17% 65
China 19% 64
Russia 22% 65
Australia 22% 66
France 23% 66
Philippines 25% 62
Indonesia 29% 64
Thailand 40% 63

There are interesting distributions in age and race. Women 18 to 39 are most likely to include a short man in their preference. Between 40 and 59, they prefer a taller man and from 60 on, they seem less concerned about height. This is somewhat counter intuitive. One would expect younger people of both sexes to be more shallow and to gain depth of personality as they age. One possible explanation is that the middle-aged women were married and divorced and now have higher expectations than they did when they were young. Preferences also varied by race. Those women who described themselves as Other or Didn't Say, where most likely to include a short man in their preferences. Asian women preferred short men to a greater extent than any named race. Those who described themselves as Multiracial, Hispanic or White were in the middle while African-American/Black women most often preferred taller men.

Correlations by body type are easier to explain. Women who described themselves as Petite or who Didn't say were more likely to include a short man in their preferences. Not surprisingly, women who are Slim/Slender or Athletic were least likely to include short men. It is easy to conclude that these woman have many choices and are less likely to compromise. Women who described themselves as Average, A Few Extra Pounds or Large were in the middle between the other extremes.

Other analysis shows that smaller women are less likely prefer a man less than or equal to their own height. Taller woman are more forgiving. In the U.S., about 7% of women between 4' 10" and 5' 6" are will choose a shorter man. 18% of women 5'7" and taller will choose a smaller man. As the woman's height increases, so does her propensity to prefer a shorter man.

A short women will choose a man whose height is less than or equal to her own 16% of the time, while taller woman will make that choice 42% of the time.

Outside the United States, 22% of short women are likely to choose a man the same height or smaller. Just over half of taller women will choose a man the same height or smaller. The table below shows the details of the analysis for each woman's height between 4' 10" and 6' 8".

United States Non-United States
Will Choose
Will Choose
Smaller or Equal
Will Choose
Will Choose
Smaller or Equal
  4' 10" 2% 4% 4% 9%
  4' 11" 1% 3% 2% 8%
  5' 0" 0% 19% 1% 30%
  5' 1" 11% 13% 13% 18%
  5' 2" 8% 12% 12% 17%
  5' 3" 7% 12% 11% 19%
  5' 4" 6% 13% 9% 18%
  5' 5" 7% 18% 10% 27%
  5' 6" 8% 23% 11% 27%
  5' 7" 13% 32% 27% 49%
  5' 8" 14% 37% 16% 43%
  5' 9" 19% 45% 26% 52%
  5' 10" 25% 60% 26% 64%
  5' 11" 38% 71% 33% 67%
  6' 0" 51% 88% 50% 93%
  6' 1" 72% 85% 60% 72%
  6' 2" 77% 91% 56% 88%
  6' 3" 74% 88% 100% 100%
  6' 4" 78% 94% 0% 0%
  6' 5" 67% 92% 57% 57%
  6' 6" 100% 100% 50% 50%
  6' 7" 100% 100% 76% 76%
  6' 8" 88% 88% 33% 67%

This study provides a strong indication of what women who use online personals ads want in a man with respect to his height. However, these conclusions may not necessarily translate to the larger population of woman who are dating but prefer to meet men in other venues. In the future we will attempt to validate these results and conclusions against the larger population.

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