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The men height increase revolution just came! The secret of the height increase given by our products lies in the internal build-up. The build up improves your posture and gives you a feeling of positive well-being and grow taller.

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All information gathered by through your order is kept strictly confidential and will not be distributed to any company or individual EVER. The information will be used only to make sure that your order gets delivered to you in the timeliest manner possible. If you need to change anything about your order- where we'll be shipping it to, phone number, etc. please email us. Any general questions will be answered as fast as we can!

For your privacy, you will receive your merchandise in a discreet manner. Packages come from "Calden Shoe Co". Shipped in plain brown box with no indication as to the nature of the contents. International packages are shipped with a customs declaration of contents as "Men Footwear".

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shoes lift, taller shoes, height shoes, man high heel shoes