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The men height increase revolution just came! The secret of the height increase given by our products lies in the internal build-up. The build up improves your posture and gives you a feeling of positive well-being and grow taller.

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Customer Feedback

Calden Shoes co. is easy to deal with, quality of their products meet and exceed our expectation. Their sales department help me out a lot for my new store opening...

J. Steven

Good company with nice products, their shoes are among the best quality on the market!

C tune inc.

I am suprised by their product's durability, shoes have been worn more than 3 years, no big problem at all.

M. Larry

The shoes do make a difference in height, you will stand straighter with these shoes. My body shape seems to be better from then.

L. Jwaski

Many styles available, ease with ordering....will buy from again.

A. Suzuka

Their height increase shoes is the only way to get taller invisibly....I would definately buy from again.

  • K. Koula


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